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What will TickTick delete from Reminders?
I have multiple Reminder lists and items from multiple sources including iCloud and Exchange. What will the Siri Integration option import and what will it delete? Can I configure it at all?

Will it import and delete only iCloud items? Will it import and delete items that are stored on Exchange? Will it import and delete everything?

I do not want to test it for fear it will delete everything.
Hi jmajka,

If you enter Reminder and Siri page in TickTick by: Settings, Advanced Settings, Reminder & Siri. There are two main options: "Siri Integration" and "Import Existing Tasks".

If you enable the button "Siri Integration", tasks in reminders will automatically remove to TickTick, which will delete contents in Reminders.

If you just tap "Import Existing Tasks" at the bottom, tasks in Reminders will be manually imported to TickTick, and these tasks will also stay in Reminders.

iCould an Exchange should be the same according to your settings in TickTick.
Thanks, Wendy. Just to confirm -- it will remove all Reminders in all Lists across all Accounts?

If so, unfortunately I cannot use it but appreciate your response. Consider a future feature that would allow Siri integration in one list rather than all lists. Other apps allow you to select one List for integration. Thanks!
Hi jmajka,
Yes, if "Siri Integration" is enabled, all reminders in "Reminders" will be removed to TickTick.
I'll also note down your suggestion to see if it's feasible.
+1 from me. I'd love a setting, which allows me
to choose a defined IOS Reminder list to import (and delete) from
to import (and delete) from the IOS Reminder's DEFAULT list only [settings/reminders/default list]

This would allow us to continue IOS Reminders for other purposes... .
Agreed. There should be an option to "Delete reminders after import".
+1 here
until Siri API allows developers to add reminders I think we need to be able to choose which reminder list to use for import+deletion.
risk is deleting shared task in reminders for other people
+1 from me as well for "a future feature that would allow Siri integration in one list rather than all lists". Could be a defined list or the default Reminders list (as Volkmar suggests), wouldn't matter to me. I'd really like to use the Siri integration feature, but not if it removes all Reminders from all lists.

Any chance this will be implemented in the future? Thanks.
+1 here too. Kind of totally ruins my current workflow. Only downside I’ve found so far with using Ticktick!
Agree with this also. Need to be able to pick what list is imported. I thought previously that it would only sync the TickTick list that was created in Reminders. I've noticed that all reminders from all lists are synced and deleted from the Reminders app.
This is almost a deal-breaker for me. I have hundreds of items in a dozen lists in Reminders, and I do NOT want all of these in TickTick. Example: One list I keep is packing. One is for next summer vacation ideas. One is for Christmas gifts to consider next Christmas. Etc.
TickTick is for TASKS. I do not keep 'tasks" in my iphone Reminders app -- I keep lists of ideas, plans, and possibilities.
Not being able to use Siri to add Tasks to TickTick is a definite liability for TickTick.
Please change this.
We are working on some improvement of this feature.
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