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Smart Date Parsing in task edit view
Would it be possible to add the date parsing to the task edit view in the Android app?
Currently, it only works when using the Quick Add
Dear Cyalins,
Yes, it's true that Smart Date parsing is only available in Quick Add. Smart Date Parsing in task edit view is not in our current plan yet. We'll note it sown first.
Dear Devs!

It's nesessary feature for using smart date parsing.

Also, in 24 hours format (android) it parse, for instance, today at 18:00 something with "21:00" as task with due time 21:00 and smth with "9:00" also as 21:00 today (not 9:00 tomorrow, as I want). Why?
Hi Wendy, I know this is an old topic, but I'm a new user. Well, I made an account a long time ago, but then decided to go for Todoist. Now I'm trying to give TickTick another chance, but I'm struggling with the Smart Date Parsing (which is the best feature of Todoist).

Are there any plans on adding Smart Date Parsing to the Task edit views (instead of only the quick add)? I'm using the Web and the Android app. And making it more like Todoist?
It would really make it the perfect To-do app!

Hello. Any progress on this yet? It's absolutely crucial to have natural language parsing in Task Edit mode (not just Quick Add). Is there any hope we might be able to see this feature in the near future? Thank you!

Currently no plan to support this feature yet. Will re-evaluate it with the team asap.
+1 !!
+1 !!!!!!!!!
This would be absolutely game changer here at least for me.
If not having it on edit is for some purpose, please consider making it configurable.
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