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Mac Menubar Show/Hide Option
I would love the ability to show or hide the application by clicking the menubar icon.
I would love the ability to remove or show the application from menubar.

This function will be added in the future. Thanks.
Waiting this function too!
Still waiting on this function
Introduce this feature pls
Hello guys,

We already released a shortcut for showing/hiding the main window of the app. Would that be helpful?
It's not about hiding the window of the app. We have one icon in the dock and one in the menubar. Couldn't we disable the one in the menubar?
Use an app called Bartender in the meantime. There are loads of apps that allow you to hide menu bar apps :D
We will evaluate this feedback again soon. Thank you.
@Nicolo I don't want to run Bartender, I don't want to run one more app to hide another's icon. I used to use Bartender in the past but not anymore. Thanks for the suggestion though.

@oilexxxi thanks so much!
Hey just wanted to come say I want this as well. Hope it happens soon :)
I'd also really like the ability to hide TiskTisk from the menu bar.
Here too
Any news about this ?
I would love this feature too!
same here
I would love to have this feature too! There are too many apps on the menu bar.
Any update on this?
Where is it???
I´d also like having a menu bar toggle.
I'd also like to be able to hide it. I don't like having extra icons at the top, more like a minimalist approach.
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