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Quick Add Priority Shortcut
I LOVE that I can quickly add the date, tag, and project list using shortcuts when I'm creating a task. However, I'm really missing the ability to add priority. Can you consider a shortcut like !! followed by the priority number (1-3 or whatever) so that we can specify priority right from the task entry bar? Thanks!
Dear Jenel Cavazos,
I'm sorry to say that currently only “High”, “Medium”, “Low”,"none" priority are available distinguished with different colors. We'll consider shortcut and priority numbers in further improvement. Thank you!
I'm fine with the high, medium, and low priorities. I just want a way to add them from the regular task bar instead of having to enter the task and then go to the detail view on the right-side of the screen and add the priority designation there. I can add the date using *today, why can't I add the priority status in a similar way?
Hi Jenel Cavazos,
Thanks for feedback.
We'll think to improve the feature.
Couldn't agree more. People (myself included) have been asking for this for 1.5 years. I really hope it is addressed in the web update.
Lack of this type of quick entry feature is why I'm not ready to leave Todoist yet.
I'm also desperately waiting for a way to quickly add the priority of a task.
We are not alone with our wish:
Is there any feedback or progress on this request?
Agreed. TickTick is generally very good, but lack of a shortcut for setting priority is painful and my biggest complaint. Please add!
Dear Developers,
could you let us know, if this, imho, easy-to-implement feature will be added soon?
As you can see from f.i. and, a shortcut for priority is widely requested.
Similar to the relatively new smart date parsing, the priority could also be parsed from the exclamation marks within a task. So "buy milk tomorrow !!" could create a task with medium priority.
I have a greyed out task on my quick add bar which was not entered by me cannot be deleted or overtyped
"Meeting with Edward at 10 o'clock"

This is also causing problems trying to enter new items
+1 for this feature please! :)
This is a bizarre gaping hole in task entry -- an essential feature of the app. What could possibly be delaying this for so long. That and the hacked support for tags is what prevents me from going pro. Otherwise such a wonderful UX.
I thought I was missing the command, but it seems they haven't implemented it yet. Is there any news about this? For now I have disabled Quick Add :T
Any updates on adding the priority to a task using the keyboard? It is challenging to use TickTick with priorities -- especially when adding several tasks in succession -- because of the need to go frequently between keyboard and mouse.
+1! Thumbs up for this request!
+1 convert to priority numbers and hotkey support to change priority -- really need more than 3 priorities (low/medium/high)
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