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Have you already finished it?...
Hi Андрей Боровик,

Yes, it is finished. You can join MONTHLY ACTIVITY for this month. Stay Tuned :)
Hi! What about now?
How to close pay for every month? I didnt want to use app any more, but every month payment goes automatically

If you upgraded via Play Store on Android device, you can cancel your subscription in Play Store by:
1. Tap "Account" in sidebar.
2. Tap "Subscriptions" then find TickTick to cancel.

If it's iTunes, cancel your subscription in App Store by:
1. Scroll down the screen and tap your Apple ID at the bottom.
2. Tap "View Apple ID".
3. Tap "Subscription" and choose TickTick.
4. Tap "Cancel Subscription".

If it's PayPal, need to enter PayPal to cancel your subscription:
Hi , whatcha doin I am new I like to chat
I want to become a pro! But I can’t pay for it!
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