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While offline,created new list and new tasks in that list.All vanishd!
I created a new list in the Chrome app (the app that provides offline access to my data).

I usually can add new tasks in any of my existing lists without any problem. But this time, I created a new list and added 2 tasks. I did this while I was offline. When I got online a day or two later, I opened/started this Chrome app but then the new list with the 2 tasks disappeared altogether!

Why oh why? I'm so glad it was just 2 new tasks that I created. Because it would hurt so much more if I created 50 new tasks and they all vanished!

So sorry about that. We are looking into it. Did this issue happen every time you add tasks offline?
Well, this is the first time I remember creating a new folder in the Chrome app.

When I create tasks offline into an exisiting folder, it works (for the most part).
Did this ever get resolved? I had this same problem yesterday. I was using my laptop computer rather than my desktop in a place where I did not have an internet connection. I noticed when I opened the TickTick app that the task list was not synced. I created three new tasks, and, when I got home, I connected my laptop to the i-net and when TickTick synced, the new tasks disappeared! Also, I noticed some tasks which previously had checklists, now had no check boxes and, in one case, the list disappeared completely.

How should I use TickTick when I am offline?
Same question here. Did a bunch of work yesterday, opened up the app today and it's like all that work never happened. So disheartening!
I just ran into this issue yesterday using the mac OS X desktop client. Cannot believe that this does not work properly. I wasted so much time. This alone pretty much kills the usefulness of the app for me since I am constantly on the go and do much work offline.
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