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Task Dependencies
Are you planning to add task dependencies in the future? I just discovered this feature in Wrike and I really liked it.
Hi Cris,

If possible could you tell me more about the feature "task dependencies" that you want? Then we can consider whether we could add it in the future or not. Many thanks:)
I support Cris's idea -- it would be very useful to have a notion of associations between tasks. One such type of association might be a "dependency", i.e., Task-(N+1) cannot be completed before its predecessor, Task-(N) has been completed. We may try to generalise the concept slightly, though. You could say that an association could be any kind of link between two tasks, and that an attribute of the association would characterise the relationship, e.g.: Dependency, Duplicate, Subtask, etc. This feature might of course be gold plating -- I guess we're getting dangerously close to project management systems, bug trackers and the like :-)

Hi /M,

Thanks for your explanation:-)

I got your point, and it will be evaluated by our product team later.
Hi TickTick team,
any news on task dependency feature?
Hi null,

I'm sorry that this feature is not in our current plan.
Task Dependencies would be very usefull for us who use Ticktick for project management. Often a task is associated with a following task, and it would be greate to be able to set a dependency. So the next task show in the to-do-list/ today list when the one it is dependent of is completed.

News about this feature?
Hi guys,

Sorry, to support this function is still not on our current to-do list.
I would love to see this feature implemented as well.
Really would appreciate that!
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