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Hello, can you put this in the next version ?

If I accidentally check off a task, it would be great to quickly undo, instead of hunting in the "complete" folder.

If you could see a list of the most recent actions and be able to undo or re-select those items, that would be even better.


"Undo" is only available when deleting a task. So at present, you can use the function of "Search" instead of hunting in the "completed". You can click the option menu on the top right>Search.

Anyway, thank you for your suggestion, and we will consider it in the future.
Undo would be very helpful for when you are removing tags from tasks or deleting tags or lists as well.
Very kind gentlemen, do you think will be possible to add the function "Undo" in the next release of your fantastic app? Thank you for help Adamo
+1 for a quick undo option it’s easy to complete a task by mistake
+1. It would be very useful and intuitive.
+1 Todoist has it...
Hey Leonardo Castorina,
Actually TickTick has undo icon when you complete a task or delete a task by mistake, could you please tell us, which feature do you want? When you remove tags or delete tags you want undo? or others?
where is that undo icon?
+1 can't find it either
When i write a note into task, i cant undo if i delete some words by mistake
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