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Tick Tick sync to tasks on gmail calendar
I am new to Tick Tick and have not updated to the pro version yet. I came from GTasks and loved it because it sanc with the task list on my desktop using my google calendar. If I uninstall Gtasks, will Tick Tick still sinc the tasks to the Google Calendar task list?

TickTick doesn't sync with Google Tasks directly. But you can use our 'calendar subscription' feature to display TickTick tasks in your Google Calendar. For more details about this feature, you can refer to:
How / Where can i add the provided URL onto my google calender manually - i have read the help pages but that all it sayes and i cant see on my google calender where i can do this.
i have found out how - but i cant make changes via the google calender.

TickTick tasks displayed in Google Calendar are read only. You have to make change within TickTick and the change then will be updated in Google Calendar.
I have added the webcal URL into my google calendar, but nothing display on my calendar and the calendar time zone is GMT 00:00. I have already set my time zone in ticktick as GMT +08:00.

Hi, Chan Oscar

This has nothing to do with time zone. It is probably that your tasks in TickTick are overdue or you do not have tasks assigned with due dates.

Could you please check your tasks first?
I have imported my existing tasks from Gtask and there are 10 tasks with due dates. 2 of them due today. 8 of them due later.
Tks for your confirmation, Oscar.

Let's have a further look into this issue first.

We will get back to you once we have any findings.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Thanks. I can see the task in my google calender now.
But what is the update frequency of the calendar?
After I have changed some events in TickTick, the change cannot be refreshed.
Hi Chan Oscar,

The update frequency of Google is normally 8 hours for each update, so you can not view the change in Google Calendar immediately.
нет прямой синхронизации с задачами гугл!?
увы, придется остаться на старом добром gtasks(

хотелось бы узнать о причинах, по которым разработчики тиктак решили не привязывать его к задачам гугл...
Hi, Андрей Ломатов

I am trying to understand you, but if my answer is not what you want, you can further specify your question, perferrable in English.

TickTick doesn't sync with Google Tasks directly like GTasks does.

This is because the interface of Google Tasks is too simple to support many features of TickTick like tags, attachment, recurring tasks and etc. In addition, Google Tasks has been lacking of maintenenace for years, which would limit the development of TickTick.
The updating with Google is more important to me. I am going back to gtasks.
This is the reason I installed this app. 2 way sync with Google calendar so it looks like it won't do what I need.
Hi, Wayne Smith

Just to clarify, via TickTick's "calendar subscription" feature, it is still possible to two-way sync with Google Calendar.

But TickTick doesn't sync with Google Tasks direclty.
1) I have calendar subscription enabled in ticktick
2) The ticktick calendar exits in Google Calendar (although I cannot add anything to it) i.e. the url has successfully set up a calendar.... I think.
3) I do not see the ticktick task list (even when I display only the ticktick calendar).
4) Although I like a number of the features.... the inability to link to other apps limits the usefulness of this app.

Thanks for your feedback.

1) TickTick tasks displayed in your Google Calendar are read only. They can't be edited in Google Calendar.

2) What does 'I do not see the ticktick task list' mean? If you've subscribed TickTick in your Google Calendar, tasks assigned with due dates will be shown. Please check whether your tasks have been assigned with due dates.
I cant find - where I should add URL for subscribing in the Google Calendar ? I have read help but cant find place for URL input .

When you enter Google calendar, you will find "Other calendars" on the left panel of the page. You can click the downward arrow, and then click "add by URL". You can have a try first:)
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