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Time Tracking feature?
Didn't I see a time tracking feature or add-on somewhere in here recently? I can't seem to find it now.
Like Hitask and some other's has. start stop time on a task or manually enter time spent etc. ..
Would sure love that. .
Loving everything else so far!
This feature currently is not available. Thank you for your suggestion and we will note it down for future consideration.
I am looking for the same features as well :)
Add me to this list. Would love time tracking integrated. It could be added through or I would much rather see it integrated into
How about integrating TickTick with Toggl's API? You guys wouldn't have to make a new timer app from the ground up and the few users who want a timer can use Toggl to sync tasks and projects. As an example this is already possible with Asana.

In order to time track with the current TickTick app as your source for tasks do the following:
1. subscribe to your TickTick tasks in your google calendar
2. get the Toggl chrome extension
3. go to google calendar and click the Toggl start time tracking button on TickTick tasks(that are now viewed via google calendar).

This is obviously a workaround and non-ideal since it requires two intermediate services but for those who are desperate for time tracking with TickTick this is one solution.
Looking into it as well
looking for this feature too
Really need this feature!
looking for this feature too
With the new start & end fields for tasks, it is now pretty easy to manually track time. But is there any chance you guys will consider implementing a proper time tracking option?
I used a lot for freelance projects. With the chrome extension it adds a little toggle button to the details view of any task. Pressing it either starts or ends timetracking on the task at hand. It also allows you to add the task to a project and client on the fly.

Same with although the project assignment of tasks can only be accomplished in the app or on their webapp if I got that right - came across trackingtime only today.

Trackingtime looks more polished at first glance and playstore reviews are far better than toggl ones. But as was said above: This approach adds another app to the game.

Furthermore it only works in the desktop environment - at least until timetracking for the task was started once. Afterwards it can be started via the timetracking apps aswell. And of course there is no true syncing between apps.

I'm okay with those complications but they may be a deal-breaker for others...
time tracking feature would take this app to the next level. must have
+1. A timer that ad up the time you use on the task and that can be started and stopped multiple times pr. Task. Would be nice if pomo time for the task also added to the timer time... so pomo and timer could be used together.
For me it would be enough and all I ever wanted more if Pomo, assigned to the task, could be stored and seen in some kind of statistics.
+1 for storing pomodoro data and displaying it in a simple report.
+1 for time tracking
+1 again
+1 here too
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