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[Android 1.2.9] Use map navigation within TickTick
It is no rare that you have to rely on a map navigation to get to some places you are not familiar with. Now, with TickTick's latest version, you can be navigated to destination by simply clicking on the map combined with location reminder.

1. Select a task to choose 'location' from the option menu
2. Type in address or choose current address to load map
3. Locate your destination in the map and click 'Go There'
4. Choose your preferred map from your phone to start navigating
worked perfectly! :) you are great developers! :P
Is this working in the Mac OS app? I dont see it as an option.
This is great news! Could you also make it so the location can cause the reminder to pop? For example, when you reach the office, your reminder to ask for PTO pops up.
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