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could you please give me a way to reset my account? I have sync a few times with my google tasks with errors and now I have hundred of list and want to start again.

Please tell me how to provide my email adress.

I tried to go under settings and look about options but servers seems not to answer today.

Hi, Greg

First, please note TickTick doesn't sync with Google Tasks.

Second, there is no option to reset the account. We suggest you to log out the account first and then log in again to see whether there is still error with your task data.

yes correct, doesn't sync google task directly, I synced first through Gtask ans then got my data into TickTick.

Then could you please symply delete my acount? I think you can see my email adress.

Thank you.
Hi, Greg

Would you mind telling us why you want to delete the account? Is there anything that TickTick doesn't satisfy you?

I have something like 1200 tasks and hundred of duplicated lists so I want to start from scratch.

Please delete so that I can't create a new acount with same adress.

Ok, got your point.

You can click the avatar on top right corner to enter 'Settings>Account' to delete your account by yourself.
Hi... TickTick.. I got a premium tick tick account and wanna reset it to the default. As after playing for a while, my account seems complicated. Is there a way to reset it... I mean I know I can delete my account then what about my subscription? If I create a new account with the same email address, can I still access my premium version?
I have the same issue as Shein Zeya. I tried importing from Wunderlist, and got many duplicated folders full of duplicated lists. I want to delete all and re-import, but there seems to be no way to do this. I have also already paid for the full account and am concerned that if I "close my account" and re-open, I won't be able to re-buy or re-connect to my premium service.
Hi guys,

You may send your TickTick account and transaction ID to to transfer premium if you lose it after deleting and re-open the account.
So there is no way just to delete your data or reset your account to start from scratch? I'm in the same boat as the other users here. I have not yet upgraded because I want to make sure I like it, but now it's a mess with duplicated folders x3.
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