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Subscribe TickTick tasks in your Calendar App
Many of you must have a Calendar app for daily use. Is it Google or Outlook? No matter what it is, TickTick's latest feature-calendar subscription allows you to view tasks in your calendar app. It will probably further boost your productivity without switching between two apps frequently.

Read our blog now to check out how this calendar integration feature works.
Thx! When I input my password it only tells me it is wrong, but I`m sure it isn`t.

The password is your TickTick account password.
Yes, I understand but it is not accepted.
Yes, I understand but it is not accepted.
Well, then, it is difficult to tell why because we've checked at our side and there is no error in the program.

Maybe you can try to reset your password so that you can get a new password.
Wow! I have only just started using TickTick and this is the one big/important feature it was lacking for me. You guys are adding features at an impressive rate.

I login using Google+ authentication and I cannot enable it because of the password either. If I enter my Google+ password it says it is wrong (presumably because ticktick does not know my Google+ password) but there is no other password I can give it. I even tried with no password but that does not work either. Is there a special trick with Google+ authentication?
Just the same problem as I have.

Please click the avatar on top right corner to enter settings>account. Then, click 'Change Password' to get a new password first.

And to make this feature more easy-to-use, we will change the password input process later. Tks for all the quick feedback.
I tried that and when I click save for the change password I get 'unknown server error' at the top and it does not change the password. I've realised it says 'unknown server error' when I put in the password to enable the iCal subscription as well.
Does not work for me either.
Sorry, we're working on that, fix it ASAP.
This works great! How often should refresh occur after a change is made in TickTick? When can it be expected to show on calendar using Google calendar?
Found this:
FYI it took 12 hours until the 2nd sync occurred.
mine showed up within just a few minutes. However, I did it from the computer and not on my phone or tablet.
Mine worked via desktop website.
How To inport calander in outlook 2007

I'm not very clear about your question.

If you use Outlook calendar and want to display TickTick tasks in your calendar, you can use this 'subscribe' feature. You can find instructions on our blog as posted in this thread. You can try it first and if you encounter any difficulty, please feel free to let us know.
Just wondering - could you make it sync with Mac Reminders rather than show up as Calendar events?
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