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Email to us and we will create to-do's for you
'Email a task to turn it into a to-do in TickTick' is one of the top 3 feature requests. Now, your wish has been accomplished. No more waiting, try now! Read our blog to check out how this feature helps you to boost productivity and stay focused.

Option 1: you can mail to a general email account via your registered email account directly

Option 2: add your exclusive email account designated by TickTick in your address book and send email to this account. To avoid junk mails, you can click ‘Reset’ to get a new account to receive your to-do’s.

Option 1 works for me. Option 2 fails with this message:
"Mail Delivery Subsystem <>
6:19 PM (2 minutes ago)

to me
Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

todo+"i deleted this portion"

Technical details of permanent failure:
DNS Error: DNS server returned answer with no data
Any options available for date or other items?
Sorry for that, it should be

Currently, only task content can be created via this method. But we already have the plan to include this in our future release.
Maybe the emailed task could be at the top of the list rather than the bottom so it is easy to spot and add date, repeat or priority etc. to.
Thanks! Very nice feature!

Next step: use tag in subject or body to send directly to specific list (very useful to delegate to others in shared lists)

We delegate task in shared list starting task name with user name.
Shared List "Company Website"
Task: "design interfaces"
User: Andrea

We put "AND design interfaces" in shared list "company website" and we can collaborate on projects

It would be nice to put the task directly in "Company Website" from outlook (we've developed some little code to do this with a button)

Thanks for you work
We get now email (by exemple Gmail) to TickTick and TickTick to Agenda. Then will it remain TickTick to (a poor) Google Task to reach the Google ecosystem (by IFTTT) ?
Hi, Roberto,

Tks for the suggestion. We will gradually improve this feature and a new update will come soon.

Currently, it hasn't been planned yet to integrate TickTick to Google Task.
I´m using the great Ticktick and really like it.

Actually I have a problem. I want to use the mail service. So I set it up in my preferences and received the todo mailing adress "" or similar, doesn´t matter. Mailing to this adress directly works fine.
But because I can´t always remember this email adress I created an alias at my personal mailhoster like "". Mails sent to this adress are forwarded to the ticktick mailadress but they never receive in my ticktick inbox.

Any help on this?

Hi Chris,
1. If the E-mail you are using is the same E-mail you registered TickTick, you can directly send your maiil contents to "", much easier to remember, isn't it?
2. If the E-mail you are using is not the same with the one that you registered TickTick, I think you can save the mail address "" as one of your contacts and send E-mail directly to it. What do you think?
BTY, for mail service,directly sending works much better than forwarding.

If I receive an email and I want to turn it into a task from my iPhone how do send the emial "directly" vs forwarding it. Forwarding it worked for 2 emails and then stopped. I tried both method 1 and 2. Not working. Tried getting the gmail app hoping it would have the option to add to ticktick like on desktop. Nope. Any advice would be great.

Is there any way for me to send a task directly to one of my lists instead of having it in the inbox?

Thank you
Hi. I'm another voting for being able to email a task, targeted to a specific list.
Please, thank you.
Working on this function now.
+1 on mailing to specific list. Roberto
Any updates on this?

Thank you

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