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Try out location-based reminder now
Can't wait one more minute to share this good news to all of you. Location-based reminder now is available (Android 1.1.0). Hanging out with friends, shopping at Walmart or attending workshop, no matter where you go, TickTick will remind you when you leave or arrive at a specific place.

Here is a using tutorial for your reference:

1. How to set a location reminder:
a. Create or choose an existing task
b. Click the option menu and select ‘Location'
c. Use current location or enter a new address in search bar
d. Choose when to remind: leave or arrive
e. Long press the place in the map if you wish to change the location and click the arrow to drag the circle to extend or narrow the distance
f. Click the ‘star' icon to add a location in commonly used address book

2. How to manage address book
After choosing an address, you can click the‘bullets'to enter the address book. Long press an address to edit or delete it directly.
Great, but it should be possible to assign location in the web as well, so it is synced with the mobile app.
It worked perfectly!! Thats just awesome! Thanks! Lovevthat you can save your locations :-)

Currently, you can only view location in the web, 'assigning location in the web' will be the second move. Please wait.
Keep the new feature coming!
Great feature. Much appreciated - can't wait to be able to set locations using the web interface.

Is there any ability (or planned ability) to set the location for multiple tasks at the same time?

Tks for the suggestion. We have noted it down for further consideration.
BTW, right now, you can add frequently used address in address book so that you can easily choose the same address for different tasks without setting again and again to save time.
I find the locations based reminders a little hit and miss. It does not allways give me a reminder. Am I doing something wrong?

Have you ever noticed under what circumstance that location reminder doesn't work?
Not yet, but on some locations is works as expected, but on others no reminder goes off.
A couple small bugs with locations that I have noticed.

It appears that the location triggers off of cell towers. When at a location, not moving, it will continue to trigger off and on when the phone switches towers. It thinks you are leaving, then arriving, alternating back and forth. If you look at the current location, it will move to a radius around the tower that you are connected to. It is slow sometimes to trigger when arriving at a location of choice.

Another issue when saving a location to the address book, if you had to move it from the lookup location, it does not save the modified location. Each time you select your favorite, you must re-locate, and re-size the radius again. It always defaults to the first location, and small radius.

Reminders doesn't work for me at all. I've been trying this feature (tath I consider fabulous) but whe I arrive to the location the reminder doesn't show up until I launch another app as MAPS or the camera that uses the GPS and then the reminder appears. I have the GPS on and set arrive for the reminder.I'm using a Galaxy Note II. I have even tried to enlarge the circle to 500 meters but didn't help. hope you can fix it. Thanks.

As to your second question, did you mean that you try to modify the saved address after choosing it?

Please check your email to follow the instruction and have another try.
Thank you for this feature, and all the great work. However, since the addition of location reminders, the app is KILLING my battery life via the NetworkLocationLocator wake lock. It has a count of 998, totaling 14 mins in just over an hour since the phone has been on. My phone has been awake 60% of the time it has been on, when it is normally around 12%.

Can you a) provide an option to turn off location based reminders OR b) disable the wakelock if there are no location-based reminders set

Samsung Galaxy S3 i747m, 4.1.1 stock rooted
My issue with the saved locations is as follows.

When you select a location. If it is not at the exact location typed in, or you need a bigger radius, It will work that time on the reminder you set it on. If you saved that location in the address book, and try to use it again, the modified location, and or radius, are not saved. It reverts back to the original searched address location and standard small radius around it.

I live out in the country off the main road. When I type in my address, it is not at my house. I can move it to my house, and adjust the radius, then save it to the address book. It works on that task, but when using the location again from the address book, I have to re-adjust it every time.

It would be nice if I could save the actual user defined location as adjusted, with radius, rather than the searched address it comes up with at first with a small radius.


As to the battery consumption issue, we will have a further look.

There is no option to disable the location reminder feature but you can remove all location reminders, which equals to disabling this feature.

Thanks for the reply. I do not have any location based reminders, but still see the wakelocks leading to significant battery drain :( Can you please advise.

I personally will not use location reminder. It uses cell tower location. Google wants anon data and I do not allow that. Therefore location based reminders do not work. As well, I also run this on my tablet which has no cell tower information, therefore, it would not work on tablets either. It should use GPS.
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