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Subscription via PayPal works now
Hey, guys,

We feel sorry about the upgrade difficulty due to PayPal payment failure during the last few days. Now, it works properly and you can choose to pay again via PayPal.

Meanwhile, we are working on other payment options such as Google payment, which will come shortly.
Awesome! Thanks for being responsive. Keep up the good work.
Actually, I continue being unable to pay... I tried several times yesterday and today, always getting the same response:

"Wir können Ihre Anfrage zurzeit leider nicht verarbeiten. Kehren Sie zu Appest Limited zurück, und wählen Sie eine andere Option aus."

Translation: "Unfortunately, we currently can't process your request. Return to Appest Limited and choose another option."

I tried both options, monthly and yearly, but neither work...

According to the error message, it is probably caused by the following two reasons:

1. Your Paypal account balance is insufficient to pay
2. You probably have more than one Paypal account

Please check above-mentioned both to try again.
Hm... Does it only work with Paypal balance? I never had any; Paypal has always just charged my bank account afterwards.

I only have one Paypal account and the bank account balance is sufficient. I just successfully purchased something from, to rule out Paypal or banking issues... Subscribing to keeps failing with said message... :(
I see. Then, we will contact Paypal to see what's the problem behind? It also would be good if you can contact Paypal as well because they can check your account directly.
Alright then, I contacted Paypal and got some very disappointing boilerplate answers. Basically, they told me to contact you guys and find some other way to pay, like a credit card...

If it wasn't so sad, I'd laugh at the idea. I tell them "Your service doesn't work" and they respond "Then choose another service". Not really my idea of good support though...

I hope, your attempt was more successful... I'd still love to pay, but this is getting a little too difficult. If Paypal continues to refuse service with no good reason, I'll follow their advice and wait for credit card support.

Hi, Nico,

So regret to hear your unpleasant experience with Paypal. Unfortunately, we haven't received any response from Paypal yet. We will let you know immediately upon receipt of any reply.
Hi, Nico

We just got response from Paypal. I've sent an email to you, telling you the details. Please check your mailbox.

since several weeks now I try to upgrade to Pro, but I've the same problem with Paypal as mentioned above. All other Paypal transactions are working fine.
Do you have any solution for this? Thanks.

You said 'other Paypal transactions are working fine', is that subscription-based service or one-time purchase?

Meanwhile, would you please tell us the error message?

We will have a further look upon receipt of your response.
it was for one time purchase.
Same error message as a.m.:
Translation: "Unfortunately, we currently can't process your request. Return to Appest Limited and choose another option."

Tks for the info. However, the payment portal and process at our side works find Paypal suggests you to contact your local Paypal support directly so that they can help you to check your account details.
after several contacts with Paypal Support, I was told that the Paypal system has no issue and my account is fine too. So, no solution fm their side.

Would it be a possible solution to PM me your Paypal email address, so I can make a direct payment to you?
I just paid today via Paypal for 1 month subscription ,i.e. Dec. 19, 2013 to Jan. 19, 2014.
My android app shows Renew: Pro ends on Dec. 21, 2013???

Per email I received from Paypal, I was able to set up an automatic payment profile to Appest Limited, i.e.
Amount to be paid each time: $1.99 USD
Billing cycle: Monthly
Payments start: Dec 20, 2013
Pay with money from: PayPal Balance

I'm bit confused.

Don't worry. Since you just paid, Paypal haven't transferred the money to us yet and therefore, the real period is not updated on your Android account. Before payment successfully being transferred to us, we will offer two-day buffer and that's why it displays 'Pro ends on Dec. 21. Please check your account later, maybe tomorrow.

As to the monthly auto payment deduction for TickTick Pro service, you can cancel it in your Paypal account.
I just want to note, that paying is still not possible for me. I also tried upgrading my evernote account, which also has recurring payments, and that doesn't work either. I can pay anyone on the whole world, except the ones with recurring payments...

So I will contact paypal again with this new information. Since last time they told me to tell you to check your account, I'm posting this for anyone with the same problem: Don't let paypal bounce you off so easily. Their support seems to be a bit lazy...

I will report here, if things change...

I actually have the same problemes as
I get the same error message from Paypal.
Recurring payments via Paypal do work, because "Wunderlist" charges my Paypal-account successfully. Credit card balance is sufficient and I tried it via webbrowser and through ticktick-app. Nothing works :-/

Where are you located? If possible, would you please tell us your Paypal account so that we can provide it to Paypal support for a check? Considering privacy, please email us at

How do you pay by credit card, I don't want to use paypal as Ive had poor experiences with them in the past.

We understand that Paypal experience is not always friendly. But we feel regret to tell that Paypal currently is the only payment option and we doesn't accept credit card right now.

More payment options will be available in the future.
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