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How to batch edit tasks
On Android: Long press and hold tasks you want to edit and set the due date, mark important, move to list or delete with icons popped up at the bottom.

On iPhone:Pull down the screen to click the ‘edit’ icon and then, select tasks you want to edit and set the due date, mark important, move to list or delete with icons popped up at the bottom.

On Web: Select tasks by clicking with ‘Ctrl’ first and make corresponding editing on the right panel. You can batch set due date, reminder, priority, delete tasks and mark them done with just one click.
On the Web app, when more than one task is selected there needs to be some visual indication. The selected tasks need to remain highlighted. And the highlight color needs to be a stronger contrast. This goes along with the entire UI being to light. What happened to accessible design?

This is not as much of a problem with the Android App.
Actually, when more than one task is selected, selected tasks will be highlighted in blue. In addition, in the right panel, there is a message, indicating ** tasks selected.
Is there any way to batch edit tags on the Web?

'Tags' is a label added in front of a task and therefore, itself can't be batch edited. But tasks with tags still can be batch edited.
Can you search to dos on the web app?

You can click the avatar on top right corner to enter 'Labs' to enable the 'smart search' first. Then, you will find the search box below the 'Trash' on the left panel.
Hi Alan W,

Thank you for your feedback.

I quite agree with your point, and I do think we need to make some improvements on Tag. I will note it down and it will be considered in our future updates:)
Hi, is there a way to batch ADD tasks? For instance, we're required to keep a running list of "hot" items on a weekly excel report I have to turn in. It would be nice to copy a single column list in excel and paste into ticktick. Thanks! T
Hi Mr. T,
I think you can copy that list to the task description section, "what needs doing?"(right panel).
You can have a try!
I agree that batch editing tags would be very useful.
Tick Tick is a great product and I enjoy using it!

+1 on batch editing of tags. Removing and adding a selection of tasks from a tag would also be even more useful than batch renaming a tag, although you'd have to make some sort of assumptions. You could just delete the #*** where it occurs, and add it at the end of the last subtask or the description.
Yes, it's getting to the point where my workflow really needs something like either A) batch tagging or B) ability to assign to multiple lists.
Batch editing with tags is VERY doable. The trick (which can simply be an option) is should it create or update? In other words, wipe out existing tags and use the ones entered in the update....OR simply append the update entries to the existing tags. I have a use for both, but mainly the latter.

Additionally would love to search for LACK of tags. i.e. Show me every task that does NOT contain #tag_name
Hi johnprince2112,

Thanks so much for the feedback. We'll transfer the suggestion to our product team for further evaluation.
I'm on the verge of switching back to Todoist for this feature!!! :-) Please help me stay with TickTick!
+1 on having the ability to batch edit tags
How do I select multiple tasks on the Web platform using MacOS?
Hello Mo,

Thanks for contacting us. You can press shift while selecting multiple tasks on web.
Thank you for that! Yes, multiple tasks on web can be selected using shift as a group, or ctrl for selecting specific tasks. Then drag/drop to tomorrow, or folder, or mini-calendar (if lab is active).
I find this VERY useful!

Tested on Windows, Linux, Chrome and Opera = success.
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