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API / Plugins
Is there, or are there plans for, an API or plugin capability in this app?

There is a number of features I am missing in the ticktick application that are probably very low in the dev priorities, but high in mine. I have also seen a number of requests on the forum concerning integration with other apps that could be implemented faster by 3rd party developers.
Yes, we do have this plan in our mind. But we have to further evaluate on its feasibility. We will let you know once there is any detailed plan or timeline.
Thanks for the quick reply.
Any movement on this front? I'd love to have the ability to write tools to work with TickTick, including syncing internal ticketing tools and things like that.
I agree - would love to write tools using ticktick
I would also like the ability.
+1 I am highly interested in API to my own account.
As a chineses , I interested it too.
Me too! I'd like to have a CRM generate a task in TickTick
Any news on this API ?
I would love an API too to better integrate with my personal tools

Here is the TickTick Android app content provider:
@Joyce - I would imagine that at least some of us (based on the discussion above) are envisioning a web API, not an Android API.
Hi, Evan Edwards,

Sorry to tell that a web API currently is not yet ready for open. This may be available later.
I too would prefer a web API. Please keep us posted!?
Would really love a Web API.
The App is almost perfect with all the way it is but I miss Glass Integration.
I can create tasks from Glass with the create from email, but I can't get a list of todos or a way to mark them done.

I know it's a niche case, but seems like it's the only Idea not yet mentioned above :)
Hi Mauro Solcia,

Do you mean you want to create tasks via email or..?
Hi Wendy,

I can already write a simple Application that use the Mirror Api to get my voice commands and send an email to the custom address that create a task for me (functionality already available).

What I would like is to be able to go to a List/ task and say "Send to Glass" and gets that task/list on Glass.
From the task I should be able to mark the task as done,etc...

Having an API I could wrap a web service act as a middle man from Google Glass and your API to handle all the card creation, events form/to Glass, etc...
Hi Mauro Solcia,

Thank you for your explanation:)

I got your point. I have discussed with our developers, and I am glad to tell you that web API will be available in this year.
This is great i can't wait for the api
Yes please. API is the only TT's minus in my TODO managers comparison table.
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