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Click on date in list to change
Hey Team:

When I look at a list that is sorted by time, sometimes I have 5-10 items at the top that I would like to re-assign due dates to.

As it stands right now, I must click on the task and then move over to the next panel and click on the red past-due date at the top of the screen. There have been times where I "thought" I clicked the task that needed correction only to find--after I changed the date--that another task was selected.

The due date also shows up in purple (or red if past-due) right next to the task in the list itself. It would be amazing if I could simply click on the date located right next to the task to change the date instead of selecting the task and changing it at the top of the next column.

It would truly make re-assigning due dates twice as efficient!

Thanks for reading.
You can right click on the task itself and at the top of the drop down it has various options for "Date" Can choose tomorrow, 7 days out, Skip the reccurrence, or can click on the Calendar button the pick the date. That way you don't have to move over to the next panel and no confusion regarding which task you are on. Hope this helped.
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