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Sync between devices does not work
Hi guys,

Today I had an event scheduled for 1 pm. In the morning, I rescheduled it to tomorrow on the TickTick web app. I thought everything is good. But I still had received a reminder about this event on my iOS device at 12:50 pm. This is kinda annoying and confusing because seems like I need to open the TickTick on my iPhone to make it sync with the changes I made on the web app.

How can it be fixed? Maybe I need to change something in the system settings on my iPhone? Or this is a known TickTick issue and you cannot fix it? When I googled it, I found the similar one posted on Reddit half a year ago.
Is anybody here?
I'm here, and I too find that sync does not automatically work with my Android devices, but it does work with the web and with my Windows desktop. Very frustrating, and this might be enough for me to look elsewhere.
Yeah, I've just switched here from Todoist because of the built-in Calendar view. But I think I am going to switch back to Todoist as it is much more stable.
By the way, I still would like to hear some response from the support team.
I am having the same problem. Not syncing on my Mac app
This is happening to me also
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