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macOS app not syncing properly!!
Dear TickTick team,

The macOS app is not syncing properly with TickTick on android! When I mark a task as complete on the notification on my android phone it does not get synced and marked as complete on my phone even after waiting for several minutes. This is a major bug and should be fixed!

Here is how to reproduce this bug:
1) Make a new task on your phone with a reminder on time in a few minutes.
2) Use the home button on your android phone to leave the TickTick app. (This is an important step as keeping the app open (at least sometimes) makes it sync properly.)
3) Wait for the time to run out and the notification to pop up on your android phone.
4) Press complete on the notification (not in the app).
5) Check the macOS app. (Without first opening the app on the phone!)

The bug is that the task is now still be marked as uncomplete on the macOS app. Even if I press the manual sync button on the macOS app it does not update the task. Only when I open the app on my android phone and pull down to sync does it update on the macOS app.

I am running macOS Mojave 10.14.6 with TickTick version 3.7.40 and Android 10 on my Redmi Note 7 with TickTick version
I have given the TickTick app all the premissions I can on my phone and disabled battery saver for it.

I would appreciate it greatly if you could try to reproduce this bug and fix it.

Best wishes,
Hi Vincent,

Sorry for the trouble. We have replied to you in the app.
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