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lag when adding tasks
ticktick is great *except* for the amount of lag that the windows version has. i saw some other forum posts complaining about it a year ago, but nothing has changed. i don't even have over a 1000 tasks, i have maximum 60. this is a big problem when i try to add multiple tasks in succession. when i hit enter, it glitches and adds the next task i write to the previous one, making it so i have to wait to physically see the first task be added before writing another one. it's confusing since this only happens on the desktop version, not the browser or mobile. i've already tried reinstalling but nothing.
Just curious, do you have a good pc/how much RAM?

I have similar problems, everything works a little slower on Windows app compared to the Web version. I have around 500 tasks and then lots of subtasks, etc. Windows's app widget is also too unresponsive to be useful (for now).

I have my browser open almost always, so I'm probably going to switch back to the Web version. I pin the tab so it's always there. I don't see the point of using the desktop version, since it's running slower.
my pc is ok, it only has 8gb of ram, but it should be able to handle this simple application. besides, i still have under a 100 tasks (including subtasks). i would just use the web version, but i lose it in all my tabs i have open, and i prefer being able to alt+tab into ticktick.
I have even less RAM, that's why I have been wondering..But as you pointed out, it's a fairly simple app and this shouldn't be an issue.

I just noticed that in web version, there is no function to convert tasks to notes, and viceversa. This led me back to the windows app, as I use this functionality. Even after updating it with the newest release, the "lag" is still present. I guess, for the time being, I'll use both versions. I hope the laggy behaviour gets resolved sometime in the future.

Maybe this would be useful for you: use a browser extension to always save your pinned tabs (I use "Save pinned tabs"). Set the pinned TickTick tab as first in the row of tabs. You can then use shortcut CTRL+1 to jump to the first tab.
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