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Is there a way to hide the right sidebar?
I am new to TickTick (trying to move away from Apple Reminders) and one thing I am having a hard time with in the Mac app is the right sidebar. It takes up too much space. I like to keep my Reminders and Messages as a 50/50 split on my laptop screen and when I do this with Apple Reminders it fits just fine but with TickTick it does not fit and hides the sidebar showing my lists. If I stretch the window to about 75% width everything fits on the screen but I have a sidebar on the right which I do not want. (looks like it just shows more "details" about each reminder, which I do not need. How can I remove this right most sidebar so that I can fit the left most side bar and main list without it shrinking down?
Well this help forum is useless! Over a week and no response. I found an email address for support and they replied in less then a day and said this could not be done! Unfortunately this hampers my ability to effectively use this tool, so I'm back to google to find a different service.
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