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Please give Apple Watch some love
Hi TickTick team:

First all, kudos to the team for building such a great app. I am very impressed by the app's rich features and by the iteration speed of the team. Keep up the good work!

However, it is exactly due to the near-perfectness of the app that makes the experience on the Apple Watch so frustrating. I believe I am not alone in the Watch users that have the feeling of "so close yet so far". Two main pain points:

(1) The ordering of the todo list of the Watch app does not mirror that of the desktop/mobile app
(2) The sync is hit-or-miss and depends on the phone

(1) makes the experience inconsistent and breaks workflows such as prioritization. Users might want to put the tasks in certain order on the phone/desktop. Yet, the watch app appears to have an independent ordering logic that ignores the order in the main app.

(2) seems to be not uncommon among Watch apps. The dependence on the phone means updates on the desktop won't reflect on the watch app unless one launches the app on the phone (and in my experience, one might need to launch/relaunch the app multiple times). IMO, Things has one of the best watch app experience. It does independent sync with the cloud without relying on the phone.

If we can have these two issues resolved, I believe TickTick would really become the dream app for watch users. Thanks!
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