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Repeating Task NOT working on Windows App

There are TickTick forum posts dating back to 2014 (a year after launching TickTick) with users who have been experiencing issues regarding repeating tasks. I don't understand how a known issue has still yet to be resolved 6 years later! Users have been having this issue for so long that many have switched over to other applications because of how unreliable some features work.

Adding new features to the app is wonderful and very much appreciated. However, making sure the features you already have are working properly and reliably is just as important. This issue needs to be your NUMBER 1 priority.

Frustrations aside, here is more information on the issue:

Creating a repeating task on WINDOWS App do NOT show up in calendar view even with "Show All Repeat Circles" turned on. The repeated task DOES work as intended and shows up on the Web and Android versions but if you mark the task completed on the WINDOWS App, it loses it repeat functionality, turns into a one-time task, and all future cycles disappear from the calendar view across Web, Android and Windows versions. Moreover, it gets removed from your list of tasks, whereas on the Web and Android if you have a repeated task and you mark it complete, it stays in the list.

<b>IMPORTANT: I have noticed that changing your time zone on Windows to something else solves the issue. This means the issue only occurs on certain time zones or only on your actual 'home' time zone.</b>

Details of TickTick:
Windows version:
Windows time zone: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Start week on: Monday
Default reminder: On the Day (9:00 AM)

How to Reproduce the issue:
1. On the time zone stated above, open the Windows app, create a task in any list and call it whatever you want.
2. Set repeat to whatever you like (set to Daily to easily see the issue)

Now if you go to Calendar view it only shows 1 instance of that task, even after making sure "Show All Repeat Circles" is turned on.
Marking that task complete, removes it from the list, behaving like a one-time task.
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