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Add to Tick Tick does nothing (white screen)
When right clicking on my Tick Tick extension on chrome > Add to Tick Tick, a white screen appears over the web page I'm visiting, but nothing else happens. The same occurs when on a page, I do right click > Add to Tick Tick.

I'm logged in Tick Tick and left clicking the extension will open my Tick Tick lists without problem.
Hi there,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Could you please clear the caches of browser, and see if the extension is able to load then?
If this made no success, could you please try deleting and adding the extension of TickTick again to see if it is able to work?
Hi Cassie,

I tried deleting cache and I have the same issue. Also, this happens to me on a MacBook and on this computer (Windows) after reinstall windows (due to a hardware change).
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