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Sync issues, nothing synchronizes between platforms
I edit tasks on the Windows 10 app and then I expected them to be on my iPhone, but they are just not there. Also, I open the web wesion alongside the Win10 app and I make changes on the Win10 app and nothing happens on the web app.

Anyone is having this same issues? It makes the app useless, I relay heavily on sync between devices to work properly.

How can I fix this?
I'm also having the same issue, also on the Windows 10 app.
SAME ISSUE! I bought premium 2 days ago. Put 2 hours of work in getting everything setup and organized and I can't get the windows app to sync with my Android app or the web app. Vise Versa it magically works... When did you guys start experiencing these issues? If this has been a long problem I will take my money back...

WHEN CAN WE EXPECT A FIX!? This is a very terrible 1st impression so far... I need things synced up or I leave, Rate 1 Star and take my money back!
Almost the same situation, I got the premium version a couple of days ago so I could add more than 2 people on a list, just to collaborate with a small team. I’m having sync issues ever since. I think that as I started to give the app a heavy use (like 40+ tasks on a single list) the sync issues got noticed.

Before premium I was a very light/casual user and I never had to even think about synchronization between devices, it just worked, but now, 24 hours have passed since the last tasks and changes I made on the Win10 app and I still doesn’t see them on my iPhone... literally useless.

I’m demanding a refund from Apple this week and moving to a different app to work with my team, probably continuing using the app in a more casual way.
Same issue. I can not sync from windows app (win 7) to web. I think it started after update
Same issue, I made a lot of changes on the windows app, but couldn't find those changes on neither iOS or the web.

I'm afraid all changes made on windows will be overwritten, is there a way to locate the windows back up and import that back up to the web version?
Apparently restarting my machine forced the sync, but after the post-restart sync it doesn't sync anymore until I restart ticktick again.
Hello. After upgrade to newest version TickTick for Windows, It's can't sychronized with the account. It's need reloading
Same issue here; windows app is not updating the web version.
Also frustrated by this. I started using the desktop app because the web app was killing my machine's performance. Now I'm having sync issues and the "All" view frequently fails to load, instead showing the last list I clicked on. When it does load it can't be sorted.
Facing the same problem.
I seem to have got it syncing again after a random bunch of logging in, logging out on both ends (web and Windows desktop). I also had to unsubscribe from a calendar I'd linked to, as that never did start updating again.
Hi everyone.

I also sent the same issue via the “comments and suggestions” option in the iOS app and got this response just a couple of hours ago:

“Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply and the trouble. The developers are looking into this issue currently. We will keep you updated as soon as we have found a solution for this issue.”

Just wanted to let everyone know about that one, at least we know that they are aware.

This experience changed my perspective about TickTick, it’s a great product but still has a lot to grow. I don't see it as a mature product anymore. But that's what it's all about, hopefully they keep working hard, our role here is to give feedback and draw attention to problems when using the app.

For me, this was a deal breaker, so I’m asking for a refund from Apple as soon as the charge goes through.
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