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Tips for how to best capture URLs to review later?
I happily use TickTick on multiple platforms: iOS, Mac, and Windows. My inbox is full of URLs that I want to read later, as I often share articles from Reddit or the Apple New to TickTick on my iPhone. I have the same question across multiple platforms.

On iOS, Safari does a good job of using the page title as the task title and the URL as the description, but other apps use the URL for the task title, making it hard to review. Is there a text keyword I can use when creating the task from the share sheet to denote "this is the title and this is the description" along the lines of using # for tags? Something like "try this app ..." where the ellipsis start the description.

Same question on Mac or Windows. When I create a new task in the "Add task to 'Inbox'. Press Enter to save." input, how can I split text into title and description from that input? Barring that, I don't see a shortcut that allows me to set focus to the description so I can add details (like a url) to the new task.
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