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habits to complete for a certain number of days each week
Good morning everyone.

Say I have an habit I would like to perform 3 days / week but no matter which days, I just would like each week to choose which ones and, as long as thery are 3, call it (the habit) done at the end of the week or the third day.

Would it be possibile with TickTick?

Thank you.

Have a nice day.
I haven't done a habit this way yet, but when I go to create a habit it gives me a choice on 'Frequency' to choose 'Weekly' and then choose how many days each week you want to complete the habit. I think that should work!
No there is no way to let the app chose what day/time u want a certain task done on its own.

The previous commenter has the best solution for you as far as I know.
Thank you, I guess it will do!

Have a nice day.
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