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Tick tick constantly freezing my phone!
Anytime I Snooze or complete, a tick tick task reminder from the android Notification dropdown menu, or snooze, complete, or click on a pop up tick tick reminder notification my phone always has a 5 to 30 second delay/lag time where it freezes before I can move on to something else. This same crippling freezing of my phone happens when my phone is locked, i get a reminder, and then after snoozing, completing, or trying to access the reminder my lock screen will 70% of the time freeze for 35+ seconds! Only when accessing tick tick have any of these phones I've mentioned had this issue!! I've been dealing with this now for three phones and continue to have the same problem regardless of what other software I have installed or use. They have all been newer phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy 9 plus, Note 10 plus, and now the brand new galaxy fold 2. This is very frustrating as I have been a tick tick user now for many years and am rated as one of your highest users "diamond rated /vip level 6"!. I need this fixed ASAP (I've been reading that others also have been having this problem for 3 years + and that it might be a "server issue" on ur end?) and I am looking into switching everything I have over to Microsoft to do - which I don't want to have to do! I would appreciate a phone call and help walking through this. I have also copied this same message to tick ticks help and suggestion portal through the android app. Hopefully this will be fixed soon!
The same thing is happening for me.. but only on Samsung phones I noticed. I have the fold 1 and it froze my phone after I snooze or completed a task. So I decided to test on other Samsung phones and same result.

Then I recalled this wasn't happening with my pixel 3, so I tried it on my surface duo and it doesn't freeze!

So this looks to be an issue with Samsung phones only. Tick Tick Devs may need to look into why Samsung One UI is affecting their app
Same thing here. Pixel 3a on Android 11.
Reverting back to 5.7.2 fixed lag issues for me.
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