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Calendar events glitch on repeating events
Hi, here is my issue: I have a couple of recurring events on my iCal calendar. When I want to modify one of these recurring events in TickTick I have a very strange glitch.

Let’s say that I create a recurring event on iCal on September 30 and I set it to repeat daily, on TickTick when I click on that event let’s say on October 4 and apply a modification, the modification applies to the event that is on September 30 not on October 4 even if I selected the one from October 4.

Is anyone else having the same issue or is it only me. It’s very counterproductive since I have to modify my recurring events in iCal instead of doing it in TickTick. I purchased TickTick premium to have one and only app for my events and tasks, but this glitch is a real issue. Is there any way to fix it?

EDIT: I have the issue only in day view, 3 days view and week view. It doesn’t happen on month view and list view
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