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Help me understand how TickTick works with Google Calendar
I'm having a hard time understanding how deep the integration is between TickTick and Google Calendar. Existing documentation (that I could find) feels insufficient. Can someone help me out with these questions?

* If I add an event in Google Cal, will it show up in TickTick?
My testing shows yes. After how much of a delay?

* If I delete an event in Google Cal, will it disappear from TickTick?
My testing shows no, but perhaps there is a time delay?

* If I remove an event in TickTick, is it removed from my Google Cal as well?
My testing shows yes.

* If I change an event's calendar (from calendar 1 to calendar 2) in TickTick, does it also change the event's calendar in TickTick?

* If I add a task to the calendar in TickTick, will this add to my Google Cal? My testing gives me the impression of no.

* What happens when I archive an event (an option I get when I right click on an event in the cal)?

* Is there any integration between TickTick and Google Calendar "reminders"?

* Taking all of this into account, what are best practices / common workflows for how users work with TickTick and Google Cal? For example, when trying to accomplish a, b, c enter it in TickTick. When trying to accomplish x, y, z, enter it in Google Cal

I'm using the TickTick Mac app. I've set it up with Google Calendar via (Preferences > Calendars > Subscribe to Third-Party Calendars > + > Google)

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