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My Computer starts automatically when power on why
How to fix My Computer starts automatically when power on?
Want to know the reasons and solutions behind computers start automatically when you turn on the power? It is common to have this type of issue in the computer so no need to panic as we have numerous solutions for it.
No matter what the cause of the problem is, the most important part is to rectify this problem. Apart from all this, we have a lot many reasons for the glitches in the computer but you should have some knowledge about it as it helps in searching the solutions.

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• When the user initiates Windows fast start up.
• If you have set up the scheduled maintenance and wake up timer.
• Issue in the BIOS settings.
• If in your device, a lot of active applications are running in the backgrounds which all need to be disabled before full shutdown of the computer.
• There can be a virus or malware in your system. You can even check the virus or malware by running the anti-virus software on the computer.
• If you have low memory or restricted operating space in your system then, also this type of issue in computers will come. The user should remove all the unwanted old files, temp internet files and switch the defrag option to get rid of the computer issues.
• The reason can be freezing of the computer as because of this also your computer gets still and creates issues in the device. So you must investigate that option.


If you have any query, you can contact Computer technical support team which is always present in your service in order to sort all the problems within a short span of time.

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