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Widget sync issue with HABITS
there seems to be a sync issue with "Habits" when using widget on my android smartphone.

The issue is one-way only: when I check a habit from the Windows or Web version, the action doesn't sync to the widget on my android, even if I refresh the widget. If I open the full android app and refresh, then it syncs in the app and properly in the widget.

The other way around works perfect. So if I check a habit from the android app's widget, the action syncs properly to all the other platforms. Also, this is not a problem with tasks, as they also sync properly across all plaftorms and widgets. So again, the problem is only with "Habits" when I make a change from e.g. the Windows app and then the widget on my phone doesn't show the change, even if I refresh the widget - I need to open the app and refresh from the inside, then the widget also shows the change when I refresh it.

I hope I made the issue clear and that it can be fixed.
Thank you for reading and best regards.
^ I'm experiencing the same issue.
Hope to see this resolved.
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