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I'm experiencing some bugs in the new version (Windows app)

First of all, I love TickTick! However, I'm experiencing some issues in the Windows desktop version which is the one I mostly use.

First, the "Habit log" is painful to scroll down. Is it as if the "mouse hover" takes some time to catch up, but I don't experience the same in the web version.

Second, when I'm switching from different lists that are in "List View", the list title changes but the tasks shown are only the ones in the first list I saw (as if I'm changing lists, but the tasks remain static). So I had to change all my lists from "List View" to "Kanban" because of that.

Third, there were a couple of tasks I had due today. I wasn't able to complete them today nor I knew when I'd be able to complete them. Supposedly, I just had to "clear" dates in the task mini-calendar. Well, that didn't work. I ended up deleting the tasks and recreating them because no matter how many times I hit "clear", they remained in my "Today" list.

Any help is appreciated.

Many thanks and I hope our feedback keeps making TT a great application!

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