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Android Widgets - Sub Task Priority Ignored when Ordered by Priority
Using the Android widgets and setting the order to priority, only the priority level of the main tasks is taken into account, the sub tasks are ignored.

For example, if I have a main task (task1) with priority medium and another (task2) with priority low, then task1 will correctly show above task2 in the list. If I add a high priority sub task to task2 then it should appear above task1.

The workaround is to manually update the parent tasks for the highest priority sub tasks as they are created/completed, but this seems error prone.

When the list is being ordered the main tasks should inherit the priority of their highest priority sub task to prevent high priority sub tasks being buried at the bottom of the list.

If this is not possible, there should be an option for a widget to ignore the task hierarchy and display all tasks by their priority only.
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