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TickTick is Lacks Accessibility: Support Keyboard only flows
I am disappointed to see that TickTick is not keyboard navigatable and assumes mouse only use.

The shortcuts are not extensive and this makes the app unusable for people with disabilities, who can only use keyboards, screenreaders or tab navigation.

Note: I am fully-abled, but speaking up for users that most likely have given up on the app, because of TickTick's lack of accessibility.

Making TickTick accessible benefits everyone.

Steps to Make the TickTick usable:
Expose option to add Keyboard Shortcuts for all actions in the app.
Allow the app to be navigatable via arrow navigation.
Allow main sections of the app to be focused via Tab.
Provide option/shortcut to show quick selection menu where a right click is currently required.
When a task is completed allow next task to be focused via arrow or tab.

Please consider these improvements which will benefit everyone TickTick Team ��
Hi Juvoni,

Thanks for your feedback. We will bring your suggestions up with the product team for future improvements.
I am also disappointed that TickTick is not keyboard navigable and doesn't meet WCAG (Web Content Accessibility) 2.1 standards.

I LOVE TickTick otherwise, but this is the one thing preventing me from recommending it to others.
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