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list item vs subtask?
I'm confused by the fact that there seem to be 2 different types of subtasks. There's the ones you get when you toggle a task's description to the checklist view, and there's the ones you get when you drag other tasks underneath a task. What's the difference? What are the 2 different things called?
From my understanding, subtasks are real tasks with all the same features as the main task (priority, schedule, ...) and are displayed under their parent task with a small indentation in the main window.

List items, on the other hand, are less visible and can't be ordered outside their parent task. I see them more like process that you will use templates for task you intend to complete in one run.
With premium account, you can set a due date on list item. But if you set it to "Tomorrow", this item won't be displayed in the smart list for Tomorrow. Maybe it's just to receive reminders.

But I'm very new to Ticktick and I can be wrong.
Checklist items are actually better.

1. You get a little progress pie

2. If you have premium and date them they appear on their own date. Nested subtasks don’t! Which is obviously ridiculous.

However nested tasks can have their own priorities and tags.
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