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Formatting in description
Is it possible to remove formatting symbols and just have bold text instead of **bold** ?
Hi Max,

Since TickTick has integrated the markdown feature, the text is marked with specific symbols to achieve the effects like bolding and highlighting the text.
The common Markdown apps on the market have two windows, "Edit" and "Read". Enter various identifiers in the editing window, and then display the text in the reading window. TickTick's window of task detail has always been able to "click to edit", and since TickTick will not add an additional "editing window", we decided to show these symbols in the tasks description.
I've seen it only in apps for writers. Evernote, Notion, probably the most popular ones dont have that.
Idk if really that many people need to have those marks visible, but they are messy and ugly.
I hope you reconsider this ugliness in design. And it simply makes hard to read text with all if that distraction and distortion of position.
If possible change that in the settings.
+1 on this feature, this is the only thing that is really missing to make TickTick perfect. I hope the developers will seriously consider this...
+1! There's no need to show these symbols. They don't add anything, they just detract from what I'm trying to read. Please consider adding the hiding of these as an option :)
I don't see any benefit in having them.
Please remove these symbols. They're pointless, distracting, and ruin the appearance of my notes.
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