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A task with completed subtasks is not marked as completed.
I have a task that is repeated every day. It has 3 subtasks. Each subtask has a reminder.
The problem is that when I check all 3 subtasks, the task is still present in the list of today tasks, even though it shows 100% completion. And the next day, this task is marked as overdue.
What might be a reason for this? It used to work, but at some point stopped.
Also having this problem. I think it started with the 2020-08-04 update which seems to have been focused on nested tasking.
I submitted to support and they said this is the new design. :(
Did they say how to remove a task with 100% complited subtasks from the overdue status?
I don't see how this new design makes sense and how we can remove the task from the list once sub tasks are complete?
Hi guys,

Sorry for the bad experience our app bings to you.
The new nested task feature promises that every subtask works the same as task in terms of funictionality. So logically, every subtask is treated the same as its parent task. This is a shift in our app design. If you perfer completing the parent task once all subtasks are completed, I will note it down as a feature request to our product team for future consideration. Thanks for your feedback.
I found out on my own that you now have to mark the main task completed once all the sub tasks are completed. It's a minor inconvenience, and one that doesn't make much sense for the way I use TickTick and sub tasks.

Agreed that this is a step backwards in usability. I'm hoping they recognize this and implement the feature Aech mentions that will allow us to continue to use the more user friendly version we're accustomed to.
I too find it quite annoying that you have to tick the main task once all subtasks are complete. I don't get the reasoning for having it this way, as once the subtasks are done, it's complete and the main task should disappear.

I hope its reversed as i have quite a lot of daily tasks and it can get quite confusing when they don't disappear automatically, as i still think I have a lot more to do than I actually have
I can imagine use cases for both scenarios. It would be nice if there was a setting to choose the behaviour, either globally or at the task level.
Let me add another vote against the new behavior, especially without any notice of the change.
I'd also like to add a vote against the new behavior. Could you please add an option in settings? Thank you
Here to second the motion to let users decide whether subtasks will mark the parent task as done upon completion. Adding a setting to govern this would make both camps happy. Thanks a bunch!
Also petitioning that there should be a choice for this behaviour.
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