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Pomo timer isn't shown in Mac app task list or top menu
In the setting screen, it is written that "if Pomo Timer is enabled, you can start a pomo from task list, task detail page, and the top menu bar." However, I cannot find Pomo timer in task list and top menu bar although I can start the timer from task detail.

I want to see the pomo timer in bottom left of top menu as Web version has. I cannot find it when I use the Mac app. Is it bug or it's just still under development?

Thank you,
Hi Naoki,

You may right click a task in the list, and select Start Focus to use Pomo Timer.
About Pomo Timer in the top menu bar, you may use Command + Shift + P to start the pomo, and there should be a little circle with timer on the top menu bar.
Here are screenshots for instructions:
Hi Cassie,

Thank you for your answer. I didn't notice the Pomo timer is in Mac's menu bar! I thought it was in the menu bar of TickTick Mac app.

Thank you again. It solved my issue.
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