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Kanban View for smart lists
Hey! I would love to see a kanban view for smart lists. In my workflow, I have different project-related lists and use them as backlogs. When I plan my week or day, I can move some tasks from these lists to the main kanban list.

It would be much easier to have 1 smart list and use it as a main kanban board, where I can drag and drop tasks between different columns and track their stage.
Yes! I just bought a month of TickTick to play with the new features (especially Kanban) and was really disappointed it can only be done with a single list. Definitely not that useful with the workflow I would like (overall task planning vs tasks within an individual list).

Still, it would be nice to have the option of different boards, as sometimes a single list does have a separate workflow.
I second Mike's sentiment - being able to view all of Today's tasks in Kanban view, for example, where each section represents a list would be amazing. Same for 7 days.
I fourth this. Kind of strange you cannot already.
I fifth this!
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