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iOS Reminder Not Automatically Importing (Unless TickTick is Opened)
When using Siri to add a reminder about something it will not auto pull to TickTick unless I open TickTick on my phone.

I have the "Add tasks via Siri" enabled as well as "Auto-import from Reminders" enabled.

The issue is if I have my phone screen off, and hold the Siri button and say "Remind me to go to the store". A Siri message pops up showing it was added to the "TickTick" Reminders list. However, it will not auto import over to TickTick until I open the TickTick app.

If I just add a reminder and never open TickTick it will not import the reminder to TickTick. It's kind of pointless to have an "Auto-Import Reminders" feature if you still have to open TickTick for them to actually import.

Since I need to open TickTick anyway, I might as well just add the task from TickTick instead of using reminders. The whole reason I'd want to use reminders auto import feature is so I don't have to unlock my phone/screen to get the reminder on TickTick (Ex: I'm driving or doing something and cannot look at my phone).

Hope this eventually get's fixed as it's the one awesome feature that isn't working right that I'd love to use. Still TickTick is an awesome app, thanks for the support!
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