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IOS refuses to sync properly
I have several tasks that show as completed on the web and the windows app but they still show overdue on my phone.

I have the latest version of the app on all platforms.

I've signed out and back in on my phone and pulled down to force sync and the tasks still remain overdue.

I can create new tasks on the iPhone and they show up in the other platforms and show as completed when I check it off from IOS.

I've been a paid customer for a while but if this problem can't be fixed (seems like it's been going on for a while) then I will have to start looking elsewhere again which is a shame because I really like some of the features of ticktick.
It sucks to see i'm not the only one still experiencing this issue.If you check the feedback board this same issue keeps reoccurring with no possible fix besides signing in and out of your accounts and hoping it fixes itself.
It's really frustrating. I switched from 2Do a couple years ago (mainly because 2Do refuses to go cross platform to Windows). Being cross platform doesn't help if it doesn't sync across platforms properly...
You want frustrating, try to uninstall TickTick from your Mac. Can't drag the app to the trash. No uninstall dropdown. No mention in the instructions. Scammy really.
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