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Can't Log Into TickTick Since Newest Mac Update 3.6.70
Hello, I have downloaded the newest version of TickTick for Mac 3.6.70 (144), and when I try to login after putting in my credentials, the app just quits. Is anyone else experiencing this? I can't seem to get it to work.
Same issue here. Happens with or without a valid email/password combo, but it does require a valid email.

The crash report seems pretty straightforward and I've submitted mine to Apple so I think that means it'll make its way to TickTick.

"Application Specific Information:
Crashing on exception: +entityForName: nil is not a legal NSManagedObjectContext parameter searching for entity name 'TTUser'"

Granted I don't know what their codebase actually looks like, but it doesn't seem like too much trouble to get a patch out for it quickly.
Hi there,

Sorry for the trouble. When you open TickTick on the Mac, could you please right click its icon on the Dock - Advance - Clear local data before you sign in, and see if this works?
That did the trick, thank you!
Hi there! I am having the same problem but the "trick" above didn't work. Any idea how I can fix this error? It's very urgent, thank you.
Worked for me too! Thanks!
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