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Slow Notification and UI after ticktick task update
I noticed that the device becomes very slow and less responsive when a ticktick notification is being changed or if I have few task in the notification panel. In these cases, sometimes I also get the android error message: "Unfortunately System UI has stopped".

Anyone else familiar with this slowness?
Is there something to do?
I think that disableing the notification for ticktick solve the problem, but thus there are no reminders anymore...
(I'm using Galaxy Note 8 with 6GB Ram).
Hi Idan,

Sorry for the inconvenience. The devs have checked this issue on our end, unfortunately we still haven't found a good solution with that. As you have mentioned sometimes it will show error message: "Unfortunately System UI has stopped", could you please try reporting this issue in the forum of Samsung, and see if the supports of Samsung have any clue about it?
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