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List name not shown in the the views
In the Mac app, in the Today view for instance, the list of tasks shown does not show the list name of each task. Even if you switch to the "Show details" option.

However, in the webpage it does.

Is there any setting I have to change to achieve it in the Mac app?

If there isn't, is this a bug or a planned behaviour?

If a planned behaviour and cannot be changed, it makes the views and the whole app useless, at least to me and I feel to most people using lists, because quite often the list name gives context to the task name. The task name alone may not be self-explanatory if you don't know to what list it belongs to.

For instance, if you have 2 similar lists like 2 trips, and you have a task "buy plane tickets" in each, when you see one in the Today list, you don't know what trip it refers to. Then you need to click the task every time to find out...
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