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hashtag multiple choices are not listing

I am starting to use TickTick heavily on my Android phone. Right now, I am only interested in maximizing my use of the TickTick Android app, so my question is for Android only.

Hashtaged tasks will not show up when multiple hashtags are assigned to multiple tasks and I try to pull up specific only hashtags that are amongst others. Let me explain with an example. I will keep it simple using a non-specific example to my issue but does represent my issue properly.

Let us say I have a folder called Miscellaneous. I also have created multiple hashtags called #earlymorning #morning #earlyafternoon #afternoon #earlyevening #evening . I have many tasks within Miscellaneous (and many tasks in other locations). Various hashtags are assigned to the tasks. The list of tasks is quite long. I want to pull up and see tasks with the assigned hashtags #earlymorning and #evening even though those tasks also have other supplement hashtags assigned to them.
The current implementation of TickTick for Android only pulls up the tasks that have exclusively #earlymorning and #evening attached to it. It will not even pull up two tasks where one task has only #earlymorning attached to it and another task has only #evening attached to it let alone multiple others as per the example I gave above.

There are huge benefits to have hashtag searches work in the way I mentioned in my example. It is not confusing or problematic to function this way. In fact, other platforms that use hashtags have ways to pull of exactly what I am mentioning because of the understood need of this ability amongst the populous.
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