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Make Tagging easier on Iphone
I would love it if when you swipe right on a task there is an icon for tagging a task. Right now you can choose to move the task, trash it or add a due date. What if we could choose what options show up when we swipe right? Then I could make tagging a particular task one of the options I choose from.
On iPhone, in the TickTick app, go to Settings>General>Swipe Actions. You can change to tag.

I would love it if tagging was easier when editing tasks. The functionality of quick add is pretty decent, but it’s removed as soon as you go to the side view. You have to click description so the keyboard pops up then click tags, click the triple dots then scroll to tag, or click an existing tag (which isn’t always an option). I’d like it a lot better If there was just a tag icon on that screen or if you could still type # to get the tags pop up. Similarly I’d like it if I could hit ~ to change the project.

I know it’s iOS so it’s meant to be a touch interface but adding the keyboard options would be great for Bluetooth keyboard users.
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