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Batch edit tasks in a list - Windows
The iOS and Android versions of TickTick allow you to edit multiple tasks at the same time (e.g., change due date on several tasks in a list at the same time). However, unless this is a hidden feature somewhere, it is not available on the Windows version.

The articles on how to do this for the mobile app were published 2 years ago. I'm not sure why the desktop version appears to have been skipped, but can we request this feature be added in for Windows/Mac?
Its not very user friendly, but i figured out that you can hold ctrl or shift then select multiple tasks, then you can right click and change properties.

You can also edit in the right pane, but right clicking the tasks is far more efficient - to edit tags, you have to click the 3 dot button in the bottom right.
Thank you! I feel silly, can't believe I never tried ctrl/shift before.
No problem - I'm new to TickTick and it seems that a lot of its functionality is hidden/counterintuitive... doesnt help that the documentation is trash.
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